Payments booking at Nanny4pets we made  payments booking easier, if you are looking for care of your pets Nanny4pets has a well organise professional and reliable service to give your pets the best pet services covering greater London

* Please make cheques payable to Nanny4Pets and leave for us to pick up when we visit.

* You can now pay us by credit or debit card. Call on 0800 634 98 43 – you can leave a message if we are not available. We will need the card number, the valid from and expiry dates, the issue number (on debit cards, if there is one) and the security number (the last three digits of the number printed on the signature strip on the reverse of the card). Please speak as clearly as you can and leave your name and a contact telephone number in case there are any problems. Please do not send your card details by email as this is not secure.

* We are also more than happy to take old fashioned “cash”!

* We do not have facilities for on-line payment via this website. However we can accept direct payment from your bank by internet banking – please call us on 0800 634 98 43 if you would like to arrange this.

We welcome payments from the following credit and debit cards..

Please call us Free 0800 634 9843 to discuss your Payments booking or contact us