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Pet home visits are for owners who are working late and need their pet walked or fed, is ideal if you are going away for a week, weekend or even a day, we can visit your pet, Small Animal visits and litter tray cleaning, Feed the your dog/cat and let them out to the toilet.

We know dogs and cats can get lonely, just like humans!  Most pets love company but this can be hard to achieve all the time, especially if you are out at work or off to a family event which takes you away from the house for lengthy periods of tim

Nanny4pet home visits can provide the following care for your animals:

  • Making sure your dog gets regular exercise
  • Making sure your dog or cat is fed and receives any required medical treatment
  • Keeping your dog, cat, puppy or kitten company
  • Cleaning litter trays (or those occasional accidents)           

Home visits services at your request can be once a day, twice a day, you choose the best home visits for your pets.

Normally we visit your pet twice a day and our standard home visit lasts 30 minutes, but we can spend as long with your pet as you’d like or visit more frequently if required.  Just let us know what you need and we can tailor the service to your requirements whether as a one off booking or a regular visit

Please call us Free 0800 634 9843 for a free no obligation quote for your home visits or  contact us