Dog Sittingdog-sitting

Dog sitting; this means that the sitter goes to your home and looks after your house and your pets. This is very useful for those who do not want to leave their home unattended, or for those who have a lot of pets,  we have the solution for you.

Nanny4pets dog sitting provides different packages for you love pets

  • Home visits, to feed your pets
  • Half day care for your pets
  • All day sitting for your pets
  • All night sitting for your pets 
  • 24 hours sitting for your pets


Dog sitting can now help you. This works just like a baby sitter. I would arrive at your house before you go out for the evening/night and take all instructions of what your pets normal routine is at that time of evening or night. While you are out we will play, feed, let them out to the toilet and give them lots of cuddles and then settling them down for the night. Our dog sitting career stay with them until you arrive back home.

With our Dog sitting services you don’t need to worrying how long you have been out or if your family pet is getting stressed or upset in your absence. This gives you the chance to go on them family meals, nights out or day trips you have always had to think twice about!

Dog sitting which is self explanatory and ideal for those who are out at work all day and need someone to visit their home during the day or day with your pet day or night to care for, feed or walk their pets; or to take their pets to the sitters home for a daycare service. Nanny4pets offer extra services such as house checks, plant/garden care, mail forwarding etc.

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