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Nanny4pets knows how important is cat feeding when you are out for work, holidays and there aren’t many cats that like being left with the neighbour. Or taken on a long and stressful car journey to the cattery, for that matter.

Cats are happiest when familiar sights, sounds and smells surround them. So our cat feeding service is the ideal way for your cat to carry on living at home when you’re on holiday or away on business.

Call us before your planned trip; one of pet careers will meet you at your home to go through your cat’s routine, to collect a set of house keys and to discuss what, if any, domestic chores are needed. Our cat feeders are happy to perform light domestic duties such as collecting the mail, watering the plants, or pulling the blinds and curtains.

Cat feeding is a service your cat will love, we have refers and we are reliable, experienced and professional cat feeders, they will feed him/her, play with him/her, and give him/her the love he needs while you are away. This is a VIP service; best cat feeding in London and your cat will love!

Cats can be cared for and relax in their own home whilst you are away.
Nanny4pets cat feeding services provides a premium service to your cat

Naturally born territorial, cats need their own space and their routine unchanged.

Cats get stressed in catteries because it is a strange environment, they are confined to a small cage, and there is the smell and noise of other animals.

The best alternative is to provide them with a home visit service.
Ideally twice per day, minimum once per day.

Using Cat feeding g services, you are not disturbing your neighbours, friends or relatives.

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